Rev. Ernest D. (Ernie) Chu
Author of Soul Currency.
Assistant Pastor, Center for Spiritual Living Fort Lauderdale.
Founding Director of The Soul Currency Institute.

Doug Hammer
Excellent pianist and producer of Jody’s sacred music CD.
Owner of Dreamworld Productions in Lynn, MA, where the CD was recorded.

Phillip Collins
Reiki Master, Acupressure/Body Talk, Intuitive Life Processing, Conscious Channel.
New York City (Summer/Fall), Fort Lauderdale (Winter/Spring).

Craig Ball
Leader of the White Heat Swing Orchestra.

Center for Spiritual Living
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ron Della Chiesa
Wonderful radio show host.
WPLM Radio, Boston

Grace Costa
Reiki therapist, Boston area
Contact Jody for Grace’s phone number

Hay House Radio

Joe Henson

Robert Hitz
Pianist, composer, teacher

Linda Holt

Jane Hughes
Counselor, consultant, workshop presenter

Dennis Livingston
Cabaret/jazz songwriter

Rev. Jim Lockard
Co-pastor, RSI Westlake, FL

Karen Marshall
Alexander Technique, Boston area
Email Jody for Karen’s phone number

John Nagy
Counselor, ACIM teacher
Best-selling author of Guiltless

Reggie Odom
Intuitive vision consultant

Gary Renard
Best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

Jordan Rich
Wonderful radio show host and producer
WBZ Radio, Boston

Roger Rundell
Excellent piano player and musical director; insightful, kind and patient vocal coach
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Contact Jody for Roger’s phone number.

Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira
Best-selling authors of Take Me To Truth.

Mary Beth Scalice
Practitioner of healing arts.

Cynthia Segal
Intuitive consultant.

Karen Shepard
The voice/acting coach who changed Jody’s life forever for the better.
She is a ray of white light.
Braintree, MA
Contact Jody for Karen’s phone number

Jon Stetson
Incredible entertainer, amazing mind reader and magnanimous friend.

Colin Tipping
Best-selling author of Radical Forgiveness.

Jonathan White
Excellent piano player and musical director; wise, kind and patient vocal coach.
Deerfield Beach, FL
Contact Jody for Jonathan’s phone number

Maureen Whitehouse
Author of the award-winning, bestselling book Soul-Full Eating.

Unity Cambridge

Cheryl Harrison
Founding Director of Friends of Ministry, Inc.
the Unity in Business Network and The Sound of Unity